German courses in Berlin in the Anda Sprachschule – Learning German in small groups.

Published: 21st February 2011
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Sandra Montes, the director of Anda Sprachschule had a dream: she wanted to have her own language school, and she does now. She is the founder and principal of the language school Anda Sprachschule in Berlin Friedrichshain. She is a linguist, a teacher and has a degree in communication sciences. She has wide experience as a teacher and knows a lot about the weaknesses of the German courses in Berlin.

With her own program for the course (learn German in Berlin), she promotes the concept, already tested, of the language courses in the school (they teach Spanish, English and Italian): the German classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced, are given in small groups (from 3 to 8 participants), and their needs are the centre of attention inside the German class. In order to fulfill the objectives and challenges of the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2), Sandra Montes has hired a whole team of committed native teachers with teaching experience to give both the German intensive courses and the standard courses.

At the beginning of the German course, the needs of the students of the course are taken into account after the placement test to make sure that the participant will take the course of the adequate level.
Another experience that Sandra Montes had during her activity as a teacher (and that she had to take into account often) is the previous knowledge of the students of the German class. So, she wanted the concept of the courses (learn German in Berlin) to be designed to reach the objectives successfully in the German courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and, clearly also for the German intensive courses.

Anda Sprachschule wants to show their specialty in the teaching of German in Berlin and has already done so very successfully with Spanish courses. The principal and the team know what it’s like to slowly make of Berlin your home.

Besides offering German courses in Berlin, Anda Sprachschule offers other services for the participants of the courses to make learning German easier, such as the tandem partner service to exchange conversation with a native, a selection of cultural activities in Berlin or help with the accommodation search, quite handy for the participants of the German intensive courses.

Learn German in Berlin – with fair prices and in an easy and fun way!
The participants of the German courses in Berlin will have the chance to see that the fun in the German classes in Berlin is both for the students and for the teachers.

Company description:

Anda Sprachschule is a small and familiar language school in Berlin Friedrichshain. Its team is made of native teachers who have brought their passion for their language with them to Berlin. Anda Sprachschule offers different language courses: German, Spanish, English and Italian for adults and companies and for exam preparation.

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